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Easter long run. The first warm day of the year


May 4, 2021

Hi friends, Happy Easter!  

Today, I headed out the door for a typical Sunday Long run.  Thanks to a little over imbibing the night before and Easter brunch with the family I hit the streets in the middle of the day rather than in the early morning. Hopefully a mistake that I won't repeat. 

I left the house headed for the Washington Township route with a few extra turns added in in order to reach the goal of getting getting in 17 miles during the prescribed run time of two and a half hours.  But, the first 75+ degree day of the year really took more out of me than I was expecting. The combination of the heat, a poorly planned route that had me back at my front door about 10 minutes early, and smidge too much to drink the night before were a recipe for failure.  The miscalculation in my route put me back on my doorstep at 15 miles and the over indulgence the previous evening let me with not enough energy or will power to run past the house and finish the final 10 minutes of the run.

Of course I have a degree of disappointment for not reaching my goal, but I'm comfortable knowing I got in a good run and am feeling as fit as ever. 

Today's Gear:

Today I took out the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3's for the first time.  It seems like they will be a very good long run shoe as far as ride goes.  The foam was light and comfortable and I had plenty of room through the toe box, which was something I struggled with in the Fresh Foam Tempo's I'd been wearing over the last 2 months.  I do have some concern about the outsole holding up to the mileage I'm going to throw at them because after just one run there is way more wear than I expected.

What's Next?

Rest day on Monday the back at it on Tuesday for 5 miles. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in a couple days.



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