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Two a day for 10 miles.

April 7th, 2021

Hi friends, welcome back!

Running 10 miles on a Wednesday has become a typical part of my week, but today was the first time in this training block that I split the load and did a double.

I’m never going to be awarded the title of early riser or morning runner. I enjoy laying in bed far too much to get out early to see the sunrise on my runs. But today, Gaelyn needed a running buddy while her’s was out of town. With only a little bit of whining I headed out the door at 5:00 AM for the first 5 miles of the day.

The morning run was pretty good. I started out around 10:50 pace with Gaelyn which was the perfect way to warm the body up before settling in around 8:50 pace for the rest of an easy run. The temperatures were cool and I felt pretty good. Good enough to at least try to focus on my form and correct the kinks that have always been present in my running life. With that said, I definitely noted some fatigue in my knees and felt soreness that’s been building over the last couple weeks.  

I had a good day at work and was ready to go when I got home. I took my time putting away the groceries, but was out the door about 5:30 for the next set of 5 miles. This run was the opposite of the morning run. Unfortunately for me, we are having an unseasonably warm April in Northwest Indiana and the temperature was still about 82 degrees when I hit the roads. At this point in the day my body was feeling the morning miles, my knees hurt, my left hip hurt, and mentally I had nothing left in the tank and I noticed all of it almost immediately into the run. When I realized I forget to start my watch for the first half mile I found myself so frustrated that I was ready to call it quits for more than a just this run. However I made it through and a few hours later I’m still sore, but not ready to quit. It was a trying day as a runner, but I’m ready recover and keep moving forward.

My gear: 

Same as always right now, the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon on my feet, which I’m finding may be a little big on me. The extra room in the toe box continues to cause slipping and is building on my callouses in the insides in my feet. Also pictured above is my 10 oz Amphipod hand held water bottle, which was a life saver today. I don’t love carrying water, but when the heat is in this bottle gets the job done. Here is a similar bottle on Amazon. FYI, this in an affiliate link so if you buy a product I will be paid a small commission from Amazon for the sale.

Throwback post: 

Since this is only post 3 I’ll throw it back to my first post which was a 15 mile run that went a little better than the 10 miler today.


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